Drum Lessons

Study with Steve

In addition to his extensive playing experience, Steve has over 12 years experience as a music teacher and educator. He has taught many students of different ages, educational levels and musical interests. 

Steve aims to create a fun learning environment that keeps students engaged and interested in drumming and music. The aim for study with Steve is to achieve the students musical goals. This is accomplished through identifying an area for improvement or new musical style in consultation with the student, and then tailoring lessons to achieve key points along the path to the desired outcomes.

For beginner students, Steve aims to have the student playing along to a song within the first lesson. The aim is get the student excited about playing music and motivate them to want to learn and develop.

For the more advanced students, Steve tailors lessons to focus on a particular area of study, style or technique using his wealth of knowledge and library of textbooks. 

Students are strongly encouraged to give input and supported to be responsible for the direction of the lessons. Steve wants to teach students exactly what they want to learn; whether it is a certain song, or particular piece of music, or perhaps a new style or technique that the student is interested in. 

Lessons can be focussed on a particular musical style. Steve is particularly experienced in teaching rock, pop, soul, funk, metal, punk, salsa and latin styles. 

Steve can also focus lessons on particular concepts or areas of drum and percussion study. These can include rudiments and rolls, grips and fundamentals, independence and interdependence, timing and feel.

For more information about getting drum lessons with Steve, please get in contact below.